How Can It Help Boost Your Marketing?

Did you know that 92% of search engine users never click past the first page of Google results? While this may come as a surprise to most people, it makes sense- the first page is generally where the most relevant and reputable information is located. Since your business is reliable and of high quality, you're going to need to do a bit of research and critical thinking in order to get your page the visibility it deserves.

Using the WDF IDF formula- and the tools associated with it- is the best way to make this happen. Here, we're going to talk about what WDF IDF is and the many advantages of using it. Read on to learn the #1 way to boost your rankings in Google!

What Is WDF IDF?


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Before you can understand what our WDF IDF tool does, it's essential to understand what the term itself means.

the most basic terms, WDF IDF is a formula that search engines use to figure out the best ways to distribute relevant keywords throughout an online text. It finds terms related to your page whenever they're used on other high ranking sites. This formula is Within Document Frequency (WDF) * Inverse Document Frequency (IDF). The result is the relative term frequency, also known as the IDF TF IDF, of a document.

In any case, it ranks terms based on how much traffic they generate. This provides you with more accurate data than other SEO techniques since it's more comprehensive and goal-oriented. Instead of just looking into KD, it compares the context and popularity of keywords related to your business and website.

What Does Our Tool Do?

Our comprehensive and easy-to-use tool shows which search phrases are important for the focus keyword. Not only will all of these keywords, topics, and phrases be at your fingertips, but the results will be very specific to your individual business needs.

There are a few things that make our tool the best way to find relative term frequency. First, local rankings can be evaluated in addition to overall rankings. This means that your text can be created perfectly and SEO optimized to your specific area.

In addition to the analysis of relative term frequency, our tool has a text editor to be able to save the articles written. This means that when we create high-level content for you, the terms that your site most needs to incorporate will not be lost.

Furthermore, while many WDF IDF tools require you to pay up-front, you can test our tool free of charge. You won't need to take out a subscription until you've used the service and seen how it can help your business.

What Are WDF IDF's Benefits?

At this point, you're probably wondering what the specific advantages of WDF IDF are. Why should you use our tool rather than a simple KD analysis? Here, we're going to talk about the specific advantages of using having WDF IDF analyze your website!

High Relevance

The first and foremost reason to use the WDF IDF formula is that it is extremely relevant to search engine crawlers. WDF IDF means a more precise way of optimizing content than generic SEO. This is because search engines try to interpret the semantic context of a page or post, so you may want to optimize these posts on a semantic level. Contrary to popular belief, search engines don't just look for keywords in a vacuum- it looks for them in context. Our SEO WDF IDF text analysis tool does this by determining the keywords and other unique terms that should be used in a reader-friendly post.

No Keyword Stuffing

While SEO is an awesome tool for ranking in search engines, many SEO professionals do something called 'keyword stuffing.' This basically means that they spam your blog posts with high-volume keywords that have been found relevant to your website. While this isn't the best way to relate to readers, SEO strategies that don't use WDF IDF need these keywords spammed throughout their posts. Otherwise, you aren't going to rank at all! Using WDF IDF means that you can get all the specific information that you need to know how often keywords must be in a text. You'll be able to analyze the amount of text that must be comprised of high-volume keywords so that you can only use them with the required frequency. You also will only use keywords that actually drive traffic rather than taking a shot in the dark at keywords that may or may not work.

100% Unique Results

Keyword stuffing is harmful to businesses because it makes their content unreadable to potential clients. Not only is this annoying, but search engine crawlers note that people click quickly away from your page after opening it. These crawlers will eventually decide that your page isn't relevant and move you downward in Google rankings. Since WDF IDF eliminates the need for keyword stuffing, it ensures that the content you post on your site is unique. People will be engaged by the blog posts that you upload and will linger on the site for longer. Search engines will determine that this means people are interested in your website. This means that you'll retain the high ranking that you've worked so hard for.


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Now that you know what WDF IDF analysis is and what its many benefits are, it's time to get started. Register for WDF IDF services to begin optimizing your web content. Our experts will help you to find the topics, search terms, and keywords that are most likely to generate traffic for your business and promote greater web visibility. We're committed to working with you and ensuring that your webpage and your services both rise to new heights!